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無事終了しました。ありがとうございました! 南魚沼の季節の行事「雪囲い」などで皆様大変お忙しい週末の開催にもかかわらず、『北欧の暮らし方』セミナーにご参加いただいた皆様、またセミナーを開催していただいた南魚沼市まちづくり推進機構の皆様、本当…

I also want to make Scanian region to "Little Tokyo"

Swedish newspaper "Sydsvenskan" gave me a chance to talk about my passion to be a business relationship bridge between "Skåne (the region of Scania)" and Japan. Thanks for the nice interview and the article. ”Jag vill också göra Skåne till…

MIRAI has just started

MIRAI ("The Future" in Japanese) has just started in Lund, Sweden. We specialize in international business relationship development, focusing on ICT and Entertainment industry.

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